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Your consumers are online. Are you? Learn more about online tools that can help you boost your social presence and gain more traffic, leads, and sales.

Today, everything happens online. Modern-day dining includes going on search engines, using choice keywords to find what you want, and clicking “Add to Cart.” Businesses follow their audiences by applying a digital approach to promoting their products and services. Thanks to digital marketing, getting your brand “out there” is easy and convenient now.

It is especially true for restaurants.

Standing out in a highly competitive market filled with big names may sound impossible. But with a strong digital marketing strategy, you can survive, if not succeed, the turbulent restaurant industry. 

Digital Marketing Arsenal: Where Technology Helps and How

There are three areas where Internet marketing technology comes in handy:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We always tell our clients, “Your products and services are of A+ quality.” The question is: do our clients’ potential customers know about these products?

This is where SEO comes in. 

Search engine optimization is all about online visibility. It facilitates business growth by helping you gain better rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Higher rankings on the SERPs mean more targeted visits, which translate to an increase in customers. 

Maintaining rankings can be tricky since Google is always changing its algorithms. To stay on top of the optimization game, your SEO strategy should easily adapt to the changes. 

Must-have tool:

  • Moz can secure your SEO success. This tool offers helpful educational resources to refine your best practices, as well as an all-in-one SEO toolset that provides all the optimization capabilities you need. Moz is also always updated on Google’s algorithm changes. Should you notice an odd change in traffic, the tool’s dashboard can help you determine the cause. 

Social Media Management

Consider the following statistics:

  • Seventy percent of Americans have an account on at least one social networking site. The average Internet user has at least seven different social media profiles.
  • Seventy-one percent of customers who have had a positive experience with a brand’s social media account are likely to recommend the business to their family and friends. 

These numbers say it all: social media builds your brand identity. This digital marketing platform provides a direct channel for people to interact with your brand, which establishes stronger customer relationships. Better consumer relationships mean more recommendations and positive reviews, which translate to more customers and sales. 

Must-have tools:

  • Hootsuite enables users to update multiple networks in a single step since it can support over 150 integrations. 
  • Sprout Social provides insights into your audience, as well as measures the performance of your social media posts.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Budget is a common concern for most of our small business clients. If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to market your brand, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is your best friend. 

Paid advertising is a cost-effective way to drive more traffic without breaking the bank. You only pay a publisher when searchers click on your ad. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, PPC enables you to reach and target audiences easily.

Must-have tool:

  • SpyFu hones your competitor research skills. The tool, which carries out paid advertising competitor research, gives you an insight on a competing brand’s keywords, monthly spend, and rank of their current ads.

Need Funds? Technology Can Help

The Internet has the back of restaurant owners who are raising capital through fundraisers. It has a variety of tools that reduce the amount of time it takes to invite investors and convince them to invest. 

Streamline your process by automating more tasks with the following tools:


This Gmail app gives you control of your inbox. You can seamlessly send and receive messages to potential sponsors with Boomerang. If you have a large pool of potential investors but don’t have the time to message them all, the app allows you to schedule emails so you can send them all-at-once at the perfect time without disrupting your schedule. 

Boomerang also reminds you when you need to follow up with someone. If an investor hasn’t responded to your email, the app will bring the email back to the top of your inbox so you can follow it up. 

Google Excel Sheets

Fundraisers come with plenty of important information. To keep track of who donated what or the amount you still need to raise, organize all your details in a Google Spreadsheet. 

This online app allows users to create and format spreadsheets while you simultaneously collaborate with others. You can also maintain transparency with investors by sharing a spreadsheet that has updates on their investment. 


Runway is a free visual tool that helps start-up owners manage their cash runway better. All you have to do is enter your expenses as single line items to understand how they impact your cash burn in the long run. The app also plots your data on a simple chart so that you can easily understand how you spend. 

Turn Your Ideas into Reality with Expert Help

Success online requires mastery of online tools that promote better branding. Thanks to the Internet, you can conveniently access these tools to speed up your fundraising event, attract more customers, and raise more awareness. But relying solely on these tools is not enough if you want to achieve 101% success.

You’ll need a professional’s hand in your journey. 

Chef Ventures Group is eager to board your train to success. We are a restaurant consulting firm armed with digital-first strategies designed to help restaurants around the US achieve success during and after the pandemic. Our branding experts partner with you to create assets that tell captivating stories, and which entice consumers to choose your business. 

Our forward-thinking approach enables us to create custom marketing strategies that suit our clients’ needs. You’ll emerge a champion online when you complement online tools with our services:

  • Digital marketing 
  • Video/Photography
  • Financial Management
  • Process Optimization
  • Web/App Development
  • Graphic Design

Chef Ventures Group will help you perfect the different areas of digital marketing, as well as use online tools to bring your restaurant to the top. 

Everyone is online and so should your business. Follow your audience and win their attention with Internet-given tools and a professional by your side. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.


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